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It's already the beginning of August, time flies. Last year we had just finished a blitz of renovations in our new location and opened the doors. It's been a full year now that the HPH Sports Clinic is in full swing. Quite an adventure...

Our clinic's plan from the beginning was to stay close to our clients and build a family of sports enthusiasts. To that end, we now have Cassandra Duchesne, Guillaume Allard, Sara-Lola Grondin Segal, Hugo Le Bire, Chi Long and myself, Sébastien Boucher on our team. Each member of our team has been selected for their knowledge that straddles therapy and physical performance in order to be able to accompany you continuously from the recovery of an injury to your best performance ever.

We have participated in sporting events in order to meet you and offer you our services. The clinic has assisted in the preparation of many athletes for the season, including members of the National Dragon Boat Team, the Scott-Rackultra cycling team and the Zeus Triathlon. We offered over 430 therapeutic treatments, 65 FLEX: TRAINING workshops and 120 training programs for athletes.

TRAYNIn January, we adopted a new training tracking system: TRAYN. A powerful system that allows coaches to develop cutting edge programs and track athlete performance. On that note, our full-scale rollout of this system was a bit premature and some of our athletes have been patiently suffering through bug fixes. I thank you for that. For a few months now, the system has been working very well on the web and on mobile platforms and allows us to schedule workouts and do excellent tracking, even from a distance.

FLEX-TRAINING (1)When we started HPH, I wanted to offer flexibility training services. In the Quebec sport community, a teaching and understanding of how to integrate flexibility training into a sport plan is a little overlooked knowledge among fitness trainers as well as yoga and Pilates instructors. With Chi Long, we have developed the FLEX: TRAINING for Athletes workshops to give you an opportunity to learn how to use this tool to its fullest. The testimonials attest to the fact that FLEX: TRAINING has successfully filled this need.

Our website is (finally) online and our new blog allows us to write more elaborate texts on training and performance. You can also read them on our Facebook page or in our email newsletters.
We do this work for you - every day. It's your smiles when you leave the treatment office and your personal success stories that motivate us.

The next year promises to be as eventful as the first. Be sure to follow our news here and via our newsletter!

Thank you for your support,

Sébastien Boucher
founder of the HPH Sports Clinic