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Your best life, your best


The highest peaks are built on the strongest foundations.

Reach new peaks of performance with proven techniques used by top athletes.

"First ask yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do."

- Epictetus

your best life

your best life

your best life

your best life

your best life

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

Our services

Your performance partner


Manual therapy for athletes


For your best performance

Our approach

A balanced life - a fulfilled life.

Together, we can address the key aspects of a healthy life, allowing you to unlock your best performance — sustainably.


  • Food choices
  • Specific nutrition
  • Eating habits
  • Mentoring & coaching


  • Biomechanical optimization
  • Ideal level of effort
  • Mobility/flexibility
  • Targeted training program


  • Active recovery
  • Sleep quality
  • Stress management
  • Mental/emotional rest

Mental vitality

  • Concentration
  • Cognitive energy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Learning capacity


  • Social balance
  • Lifestyle
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Financial security


  • Culture and identity
  • Your vision
  • Your values
  • Your deeper purpose

" Excellence is an art that can only be achieved through constant practice. We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence is therefore not an action but a habit."

- Aristotle.

"Sébastien and his training techniques have helped me deal with injuries better than any other existing methods. These techniques were crucial in keeping me injury free while preparing for Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. I strongly recommend them to any person training at any level.

Mihai Apostle1996 and 2000 Olympic Games, 8 times Canadian Sprint Kayak Champion

"Sébastien has always been an unconditional supporter of my performances, whether it was to recover from a fall or from the little problems of life. Thanks Seb

Jérémie FontanaudMasters Cycling Champion, Superdad

"Whata chance to have met Sébastien in preparation for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games! I was in great need of support to regain my muscular balance which, after a knee operation in 2008, was causing me many aches and pains. Seb showed an immediate interest in the particularities of my sport in order to adapt my training while keeping my limitations in mind. With him, I rebuilt my physical abilities, surpassed my expectations by finding confidence in myself and by discovering a great friend, a friendship that has lasted ever since. I discovered in Sébastien not only a wealth of knowledge, but also a person who is interested, dedicated and so generous with his time and attention. Seb is simply the best!

Caroline Calvé2010 & 2014 Olympian; Only Canadian female athlete to date to have won a World Cup in alpine snowboarding.

Our consulting offices

HPH Montreal

Club La Cité (Thursdays only)
3575 avenue du Parc
Montreal, QC H2X 3P9

HPH Otterburn Park

400 Kingston Street
Otterburn Park, QC J3H 2J8